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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Officially Changing Gears

This blog is going to change pretty soon...as in, the next time I post to it.

Originally I wanted to keep this blog going as a separate entity from my usual blog since I didn't want law school and Other Life Stuff to become melded into one big blob. Er, blog. But in reality, that's just not a very practical wish. Because like it or not, law school WILL be a very very significant part of my life, indistinguishable from the rest starting in September. So...

So I'm going to turn this blog into a practical advice sort of blog. I've told a number of my friends to feel free to email or call with any questions they may have about LSATs, law school apps, law schools, or the law school experience in general. I love advising and that sort of thing, so instead of just confining my advice to those reply-emails, I'm going to post some of that stuff here. That way anyone who wants to get advice and happens to run into my blog can get one more real perspective.

Til next time...


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